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Morsbachtalstraße 20
D-42855 Remscheid

Telefon 0 21 91 / 49 01 12
Telefax 0 21 91 / 49 01 25
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is main sponsor of
the Düsseldorfer EG
Düsseldorfer EG

VÖLKEL Threading Solutions – Worldwide Competence in Thread-Cutting Tools.

Based on the experience of 100 years in the production of thread cutting tools VÖLKEL has developed into a worldwide leading supplier of standard thread cutting tools, all available from stock.

Essentially, there are four factors, which give reason to our success and due to their implementation VÖLKEL has become one of the most successful suppliers of standard solutions in thread cutting:

  • Specialization
    We are focusing on what we do best: thread cutting tools.
  • Quality
    We guarantee a stable good quality for the industry.
  • Pricing
    Over the mix of our product range we are offering the best price.
  • Service
    We guarantee a delivery capacity beyond 99% of all items listed in our catalogue.

Global sales are handled and controlled exclusively at our central store located in Remscheid. Thereby, we can guarantee the quality of the goods and – not less important – the quality of each delivery. Over 7000 different thread cutting products are available from stock – in all shapes and dimensions. Almost all international thread standards are kept in our stock. Since 1996 thread cutting tools conforming to Japanese standards are available from Remscheid, too.
Currently, we are exporting into some 70 different countries: in Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa, North, Central and South America. Our export quota is around 70%.

The manufacture takes place on CNC-machines at five locations. The concept of international production under our own control has been implemented since 1991. Our subsidiaries and partner enterprises in Europe and Asia produce on VÖLKEL-owned machines in accordance with our specifications and quality standards.

As a family business we are able to react flexibly and quickly to future challenges. The families Völkel (Remscheid) and Carrington (Birmingham) are committed to the long-term and sustainable implementation and the compliance of these promises.