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Morsbachtalstraße 20
D-42855 Remscheid

Telefon 0 21 91 / 49 01 12
Telefax 0 21 91 / 49 01 25
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is main sponsor of
the Düsseldorfer EG
Düsseldorfer EG

Veranstaltung 2016

Völkel Events in 2016


CHIO Aachen: staged from 13.7.-17.7.16 again proved a lively venue in which to experience the unique flair and ambience of the World Equestrian Festival amidst the jovial company of guests and staff.


It’s BBQ-Time: Shortly before the summer holidays we staged our very first company Burger BBQ. The grill chefs all did their best to make the event a success.

Both the atmosphere of the party and the sunny weather played along as well. Our tribute and respect go to the grill masters for doing such a good job!


European Championship Kick-tip Prediction Game: In the in-house betting community it was the ladies who dominated with their mastery. The photo shows the challengers claiming the first three places as winners with the menfolk lagging far behind in the lower ranks.

Innovations V-COIL Workshop-Kit Deluxe

New big V-COIL Workshop Kit VC 80

M 5 – M 12 - everything you need for thread repairs and thread armouring, Art. no. 04080

The new V-COIL Workshop Kit Deluxe comes in a high-quality plastic box with 2 slide drawers, offering all of the tools you need for repairing and armouring of threads from M5 to M12. The box also includes V-COIL Thread Inserts in three different lengths.

Partners of industrial dealers -
Tribute to the best collaboration

To survive during quick changes, it is necessary to rely on collaborations based on partnership. The ackknowledgment of our performance put us on a third place in the sector of precision tools.

“Thank you very much for voting for us!”

The Thread Cutting Tool specialist VÖLKEL
become new main- and shirt sponsor of the
Düsseldorfer EG

An important day for the DEG Eishockey GmbH: With the VÖLKEL GmbH the DEG presents another strong main- and shirt sponsor. The collaboration is signed for the next three years.

Paul Specht, managing director of the DEG Eishockey GmbH: „This is a further important milestone for the development of the DEG. The first disussions with representatives of the VÖLKEL GmbH have already taken place during the last season. Now they have been finalized with the signing of the main sponsor contract. With the VÖLKEL GmbH we found a wonderfull sponsor as well as a real partner and mentor and won enthusiastic DEG fans. Together we will implement new ideas and strengthen a strategic cooperation. With the VÖLKEL GmbH as main- and shirt sponsor we will sustainable stable and strengthen the DEG.“

Daniel Völkel, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of the VÖLKEL GmbH: „The engagement at the Düsseldorfer EG as figurehead of Düsseldorf and the region is the consistent continuation of our previous activities and is signed for a long time. It is based on the intense emotional binding of our family for the DEG since 1987. We are happy to become a stronger part of the 80 years history of the eight-time german ice hockey champion!“ In addition to the shirt presence the sponsor package of the VÖLKEL GmbH includes amongst other things TV bands, logo presence on the ice and the LED panels as well as further advertising and hospitality rights in the stadium of ISS DOME.

Daniel Völkel: „Already in 2012 we took a rescue package of the DEG to support the club in a difficult phase. The positive sportive and structural development as well as the traditional brand have tipped the balance to decide beeing one of the main sponsors. This attributes fitts perfectly to our corporate philosophy. We are happy to create an interesting and successfull future with the DEG.“

VÖLKEL invested in friendly, motivating workstations
VÖLKEL invested in friendly, motivating workstations

VÖLKEL invested in friendly, motivating workstations

Warehouses can often be dark and unfriendly places, but not at VÖLKEL. Generous corridors, clean shelves, ergonomically designed workstations, plenty of natural light and a view of the Bergische countryside is part of daily life for VÖLKEL employees.

The packing workstations are located next to the large windows which benefit from direct sunlight. “We are pleased that we have a better environment to work in than other companies which are often lacking in natural light and shielded from the environment by warehouse walls. The views of the countryside give us motivation and enjoyment in our work, which in turn, our customers experience every day in our perfectly picked orders”  says Petra Arntz Head of the Central Warehouse in Remscheid.

VÖLKEL focus on black and white

Further standardization applied to VÖLKEL packaging concept:

VÖLKEL focus on black and white

The corporate identity shade of black and white is now being extended to cover the company’s secondary packaging materials. The small plastic bags used for packaging of the thread inserts as well as the main shipping cartons will be gradually converted to the popular black-and-white corporate design.

This will serve to enhance the uniform image as applied to the entire range of products marketed by VÖLKEL.