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Grease Nipple Set

Grease nipples for bearing lubrication can be found on numerous moving components and hydraulic cylinders in equipment and vehicle construction, but also on construction and agricultural machinery. Vibrations, but above all screwing and unscrewing, a skewed position of the grease nipple and heavy contamination by the lubricant cause wear of the threads on the component. The grease nipple can no longer be screwed in, lubricant is pressed out or no longer reaches its desired destination.

We have the appropriate Tap Set for re-cutting and cleaning internal threads for grease nipples.

  • Set of 6 pcs.: M6x1.0, M8x1.0, M10x1.0, M10x1.25, G 1/8×28, G 1/4×19
  • Practical plastic box with foam inlay
  • Content overview for easy allocation and replenishment in the lid of the box

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VÖLKEL STI Precision Thread Plug Gauges – all dimensions available from stock!

When repairing threads with V-COIL thread inserts, it is often necessary to check the accuracy of the thread before installing the insert.

Since the holding threads cut with V-COIL STI Taps are specially dimensioned for the thread inserts, it is not possible to use Precision Thread Plug Gauges for standard threads.

Appropriate STI Precision Thread Plug Gauges must be used.

1) Checking the holding thread, cut with an STI Tap, by using a STI Precision Thread Plug Gauge – before installing the V-COIL thread insert.

2) Afterwards checking the dimensional accuracy of the V-COIL thread insert, installed in the holding thread, with a Precision Thread Plug Gauge for standard threads.


Make use of our introductoryOFFER and receive with every STI Precision Thread Plug Gauge a Calibration Certificate for free! Valid for orders until 31st Dec. 2020.

For more information on our new STI Precision Thread Plug Gauges please refer to our catalogue VG 2020, page 31- 38.


We belong to Germany’s best!

In Germany’s largest brand test, Deutschland Test examined around 20,000 brands for their perception by customers. The study was carried out on behalf of Focus Money and Deutschland Test by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research with scientific support from the International School of Management (ISM)). For this purpose, around 107 million articles in online media and social media were examined and evaluated for their positive tonality. The awarding of the best is branch-specific; the result impressively shows which companies and brands the Germans particularly trust.

The study, including the results, was published in October 2019 as a supplement in the print editions of Focus and Focus Money. Only very few thread cutting tool manufacturers have made it into the ranking; we are all the more proud that VÖLKEL is one of Germany’s best in the area of tools and equipment.


Titelseite VÖLKEL V-News 01/2019

V-News 1/2019

Hot off the press and with many exciting topics. Here you will find the digital version of the latest V-News 1/2019. Enjoy reading.

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The new catalogues are available!

Discover our new VÖLKEL catalogues VD 2020, VG 2020 and the new V-COIL catalogue VC 2020.

  • 360 pages with exciting new products
  • More than 12,000 daily available articles
  • Over 99% stock availability of all catalogue items
  • Many special dimensions from M1 to M110 available from stock

Make use of our new catalogues for your sales success. Just contact us, we gladly support you.


New videos

New videos on HexTap and Hexagon Die Nuts available on the VÖLKEL YouTube channel and in the Service section on this homepage!

VÖLKEL YouTube Channel


New assortment

VÖLKEL Square Dies are an extension of the already comprehensive range of Round Dies and Hexagon Die Nuts, all available from stock.
First invented by a Norwegian in the late 19th century, square dies are commonly used for cutting external threads by hand.

  • For general use
  • Non abrasive materials up to 800 N/mm²
  • Unalloyed and low alloyed steel
  • Die stock holds various sizes of Square Dies


VÖLKEL TwinBox rated “excellent”!

In its edition 3/2018, the test magazine for professional tools has extensively tested our TwinBox in all variants and classified it as a price/performance recommendation with the grade “excellent”.

The magazine highlights the VÖLKEL TwinBox as “a very good system for storing taps and pre-drills together and having them at hand quickly.” More about the VÖLKEL TwinBox in our catalog VD2016 on pages 77 and 146-149.

Click here for the test report


V-COIL VC 80 Thread Repair Workshop Kit rated as “excellent”!

In its 2/2017 issue Motor und Maschine, a German test magazine for professional tools, subjected our V-COIL VC 80 to exhaustive testing. Impressed by the smooth and fast handling, the reliability and the high tensile strength after repairing our Thread Repair Workshop Kit received an “excellent” score rating. It is recommended as a superclass product.
The V-COIL VC 80 is recommended to be used by hand even in awkward places where machine processing will not work.



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